SportsEngine Registration: Casco Bay Hockey Association

2022-23 Coach Registration


Welcome to the 2022-23 Coaching Registration for Casco Bay Hockey Association!


Please read through each page carefully to ensure that you understand the requirements and that all of your information is provided accurately.

USA Hockey Requirements

In order to complete your Coaching Registration with Casco Bay, you need the following information:


1. Your USA Hockey Registration Confirmation Number for the 2022-23 Season. Please be certain that the name you use to register as a coach with USA Hockey is the same that you use to register with Casco Bay.  This will eliminate unnecessary confusion during rostering of teams.


2. Valid SafeSport Certification Code and Completion Date.  Click to register and complete your training.


You cannot register with Casco Bay until you have a valid completion code and completion date. A valid completion date for 2022-2023 should end in 2022.


3. Age-Specific Modules:


All coaches must have completed the Age-Specific Module for EVERY age group they are coaching this season PRIOR to your season beginning.   BTI and LTP COACHES DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE AGE SPECIFIC MODULES.


Failure to complete SafeSport and Age Specific Modules prior to the season will result in a coach's inability to join the team on the ice for practice and games until they have completed their required training.



Additional information:

Please refer to the Coaches Corner link below for more information and for training requirements for all coaches:


For questions regarding registration or coaches training requirements please address questions to:

Pat O'Malley

ACE Director

Pavel Navrat

Coaching Manager